With love – from me to u.

On valentines day , this is from me to u and myself.

No dont worry i am not spamming u with same old/new  tricks/ideas as to how to make your valentine feel special. This is about how u can make everyday a valentines day for yourself.

My philosophy of love is like totally twisted.  Love yourself before u love others. No matter what,  u have to be with u because thats what life is about . Yes i am a spiritual and philosophical person though in the most strangest ways.

As far as i can remember my birthday gifts were always books from Cinderella and  puss in boots when i was 3 to Manorama series when i was 15 ( but i couldnt get past ten pages of this book but thats a secret between us).

I was introduced to lot of positive books which  did have a great impact on me though not in the ways it was intended to.

I am no motivational speaker nor a preacher but wanted to share what i read and remember.

Ya and i confess i needed a reinforcement too.

Hence i share my philosophy with u , and few i am yet to master.

1.Love yourself.


Yes the most. That doesnt by anyway mean u dont love  or care less for others.When u dont see urself deserving how do u expect others to.It helps you give more .Get to know urself, accept whatever u are. Stop wanting to be others and wanted by others.

All of us have imperfections and thats what makes us, us.When u are looking up to someone , someone near u will be looking up at u .So dont let them down.

Stand up and do your best.

2. Be selfish.


U heard me right. Ask for what u want. Discuss . No one has the superpowers to read your mind.

Sometimes there are situations where i am  not sure of what i want. i just think about the pros and cons , sometimes maybe even write it down . It doesnt matter which side is long because each have a different weightage. Then i decide on one thing and nearly always i never repent or look back.

Sometimes there are no right / wrong decisions they are just your choice.

Because each of us have a different bundle of problems to deal with.But believe me all of them have a bundle though some may hide it behind the closed doors.

3.Be open minded.


Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives will not have a title until  much later.

Never draw boundaries. Destiny works in mysterious ways .U never  know in what from opportunity knocks your door.Sometimes we are looking for ice and when we find water , we dont realize we are searching for the same but in a different form ( i know thats a weird example, right now not able to come up with a better one).

Not all your actions need to give you something back/be productive. Just the sheer joy u get out of it will be soul satisfying.

4.Find a hobby

Anything from travelling to yoga,meditation to cooking or even just decluttering  and rearranging your house.Find something to explore. It may change with time but just do it as long as it interests u.Push yourself, all u need to is just find some time for yourself.

Do what u  wanted to since long time and kept postponing. By the age of 40/45  i am sure all of us have a well planned post retirement life. Because whatever is on the bucket list, we convince ourselves that we will do it later. But how sure are we that its going to happen.So let it happen today.

5.Learn to say NO

I know i dont qualify to right this (because i can never say one ). But i am .Sometimes u need to just say it- no matter who is at the other end. And not just say no but also without explanation. But ofcourse we need to make clear, we are always there to help them in real need , maybe even before they ask.

Ok ok ok got it..i still have along list but I am leaving it here.. But do give a thought about this.

But dont tell your spouse that u love yourself the most , or else be ready to face the consequences.

Oh my spouse .. Dont worry .. He already knows that by now.


PS: The  above heartwala zentangle was done by me, hope u liked it.








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