The all new me..

Make no mistake about it.. Enlightenment is a destructive process.. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier..It is the crumbling away of untruth..It is seeing through the facade of pretense..It is the complete eradication of things we imagined to be Adyashanthi..

Sometimes it just takes a moment to realise the truth and sometimes decades of experiences, incidents  and opportunities.

Though i am the same basic soul, i have evolved into a different person (read it as better person though  i don’t expect everyone to agree) .

It all started with my journey to Singapore and then the trip to London reinforced it. yes i love exploring cities, travel around the world, learn new things.

And then we moved to Dubai, where i started exploring myself to realise i had protocolled myself wrongly.

I started my culinary journey around 6 months ago. Learning, cooking , experimenting new flavours and cuisines. Ya previously i did  cook ,to fill the tummies but this was different.I had my own doubts about the sustainability but it still is continuing. I do instagram my culinary journey in the account name  home_makers_ring. So please do follow me if it interests u and keep me motivated. I have long way to go before i do food blogging/ do my own recipes. 

And now here i am blogging . Hope to keep up the project and see where it takes me.

U don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step , because every step in right direction counts.

What can u expect from my blog?

Though i suppose its too early for me to pinpoint. I would rather say few posts will definitely be about Dubai ( read it as mydubai) , kids , health , food or any other random subject that interests me.Hope you will follow my blog and keep me going.


12 thoughts on “The all new me..

  1. My curiosity is now kindled! I can identify with you on all those aspects… food, travel, kids, work and life! Keep the blogs coming 🙂


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